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So I finally smuggled away some time to slap together my own web-page.
This is your one-stop shopping destination for my absolute favorite subject: Me.

From there you can buy prints, see commercial and personal art, get booking information and even contact little 'ol me if you feel like it.
And why wouldn't you?

You can even see abandoned or rejected magic card sketches and rough unfinished randomness.

I hope you and yours all had wonderful and safe Holidays.
Best wishes!

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It's in German for now, but there's an English version in the works and on the way.

I'm a HUGE RPG fan, it's the whole reason I got into this concept art business to begin with and I still play with my buddies from back home once a month.
Even though it's not in my native language I've had the chance to check it out, and it's one of those things where the quality, excellence and love that went into it is unavoidable; where the art, game system and world design all converge to make something truly unique that has something special about it. 

Those of you who love this genre like me understand that feeling and it can be very rare.  IMHO, the genre has needed a good kick in the ass for years and I think this just might be one of those games to do it and set the bar to a more intuitive, storytelling level...where it belongs IMHO.

Also, I'm pretty much a dice-system snob who gets irritated with clunky mechanics that you need a quantum physics degree to comprehend, and that you can pretty much count on to strip the thrill and cinema out of the action and adventure just when you were really getting immersed.  Judging by the conversations I've had with some of you, you're a lot like me in that regard; so I think you're going to dig this dice-system big-time.

Heres a blog you can go check out that talks about all the design choices that went into the game. Dice system, artistic vision, all that cool behind the scenes stuff:…

You can cruise around the main site there, too.

You can also go check out some of the KILLER art that is in this thing here:…

All I have to say is this...

Paler's y'all.
Totally badass.
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I've just slapped up some new Magic The Gathering prints for sale in my Inprnt gallery, git 'em while they hot!…



Thanks for coming by the gallery!

Take care.




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My buddy Dave Rapoza :icondaverapoza: turned me onto this great little company called Inprnt, who produce and ship beautiful, high quality prints.

I went ahead and ordered a bunch of my own pieces so I could inspect each image for myself and I was really bowled over by the quality and by how much care was taken in shipping them. They were individually wrapped and shipped flat in a reinforced cardboard parcel, while the poster-sized pieces were individually wrapped and carefully rolled and shipped in a thick, reinforced card-board tube with secured, plastic end caps.

The pieces are gallery-quality, no-gloss, giclée prints on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. Each print features a minimum 1" border.

Personally I've always hated how glossy prints interact with light, you never seem to be able to view the image without some interference and reflection. I'd always find myself saying "No, stand there. Ok, now angle your shoulder this way and block out the overhead light with your right hand, hold this towel over the window with your left hand and THEN look at it while standing on this chair." just to get the image to read halfway decent.

You don't have to worry about any of that with these prints, they read wonderfully in even low light. No glare, no reflection.

In the future I will be updating this journal with details as to when limited edition signed prints will be available and when new images become available for purchase, in addition to limited, signed editions of Magic Card prints with a signed white-back version of that print included in your order.

To find out more and to see which prints are available for sale visit my Inprnt Gallery!:…


Thanks for coming by the gallery and thank you again for all the great comments and appreciation for the work, it really means a lot.



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