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It's in German for now, but there's an English version in the works and on the way.

I'm a HUGE RPG fan, it's the whole reason I got into this concept art business to begin with and I still play with my buddies from back home once a month.
Even though it's not in my native language I've had the chance to check it out, and it's one of those things where the quality, excellence and love that went into it is unavoidable; where the art, game system and world design all converge to make something truly unique that has something special about it. 

Those of you who love this genre like me understand that feeling and it can be very rare.  IMHO, the genre has needed a good kick in the ass for years and I think this just might be one of those games to do it and set the bar to a more intuitive, storytelling level...where it belongs IMHO.

Also, I'm pretty much a dice-system snob who gets irritated with clunky mechanics that you need a quantum physics degree to comprehend, and that you can pretty much count on to strip the thrill and cinema out of the action and adventure just when you were really getting immersed.  Judging by the conversations I've had with some of you, you're a lot like me in that regard; so I think you're going to dig this dice-system big-time.

Heres a blog you can go check out that talks about all the design choices that went into the game. Dice system, artistic vision, all that cool behind the scenes stuff:…

You can cruise around the main site there, too.

You can also go check out some of the KILLER art that is in this thing here:…

All I have to say is this...

Paler's y'all.
Totally badass.
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I've just slapped up some new Magic The Gathering prints for sale in my Inprnt gallery, git 'em while they hot!…



Thanks for coming by the gallery!

Take care.




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Just did this really fun interview for Kirill Chepizhko's 2D and thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

But if you don't, I really won't give a rip :evillaugh:


I've also decided to finally stroll on over to Facebook and make an account. It's mostly to pimp my high-quality prints (which you should buy copious amounts of!) but I've also found myself having damn good time with all the shenanigans that go down there, in addition to getting the privilege to talk to some of you when I can.

By all means stop on by.







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My buddy Dave Rapoza :icondavidrapozaart: turned me onto this great little company called Inprnt, who produce and ship beautiful, high quality prints.

I went ahead and ordered a bunch of my own pieces so I could inspect each image for myself and I was really bowled over by the quality and by how much care was taken in shipping them. They were individually wrapped and shipped flat in a reinforced cardboard parcel, while the poster-sized pieces were individually wrapped and carefully rolled and shipped in a thick, reinforced card-board tube with secured, plastic end caps.

The pieces are gallery-quality, no-gloss, giclée prints on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. Each print features a minimum 1" border.

Personally I've always hated how glossy prints interact with light, you never seem to be able to view the image without some interference and reflection. I'd always find myself saying "No, stand there. Ok, now angle your shoulder this way and block out the overhead light with your right hand, hold this towel over the window with your left hand and THEN look at it while standing on this chair." just to get the image to read halfway decent.

You don't have to worry about any of that with these prints, they read wonderfully in even low light. No glare, no reflection.

In the future I will be updating this journal with details as to when limited edition signed prints will be available and when new images become available for purchase, in addition to limited, signed editions of Magic Card prints with a signed white-back version of that print included in your order.

To find out more and to see which prints are available for sale visit my Inprnt Gallery!:…


Thanks for coming by the gallery and thank you again for all the great comments and appreciation for the work, it really means a lot.



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Here's an update about the royalties situation:

John English over at TAD stepped up and did the right thing by sending me a check for my royalties, which I have already received and banked.
He also gave me his word that he would be taking care of the other artists royalties who were wronged as well.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but he called me not long after I made my post wanting to know what he could do.

John said he didn't think people should get credit for doing the right thing and I agreed. But I still want to take the time to flesh this out a little because I want to keep my side of the street clean and because there's a lot of confused, angry, hurt, people.
Justified or not; dropping this nuke hurt TAD and TAD isn't only populated by the people who wronged me; it's comprised of people *just like me* trying to make a living in art.
I was wronged, but TAD isn't some cartoon villain plotting to suck the life-force from hapless artists; no one goes into business just to screw over as many people as possible and then rolls the dice to see if they can get away with it.

I don't think it's my responsibility to explain all the behind scenes details of how TAD or Conceptart.Org were or weren't co-mingled at the time my tutorial was owned as an asset, I'll let the respective owners do that.
What it boils down to is that my contract for the tutorial was initially with Conceptart.Org and that TAD was later on the hook for my royalties.

I think what *is* my responsibility is to make clear is that TAD is no longer affiliated with Conceptart.Org/Manley anymore.
I don't know the exact details of that.

I'm not attempting to re-write history, I stand by every single word I wrote in my previous blog post, because it's true based on what I knew; it's not my business to know the inner mechanics of my clients assets; I just know who cuts the checks and who signed the contracts.
John answered some tough questions on the phone yesterday and was honest.
Then he offered to make it right and he *alone* made it right.

All documented.

Boom, case closed on my end.

Let's see how the other artists do next, I'd like to think that everyone will get squared away and that TAD will overcome this.
That is my hope, anyway.

Rest assured there is much more to this that explains exactly why I didn't get my money in the first place.
Maybe those who can prove that will have the courage to bring it into the light?
Your guess is as good as mine.

So, what's next?

Well for starters I'm going to go pay some bills and then take my kids to ChuckECheese; where they will eat inhuman amounts of pizza and play skee-ball until they throw up tokens.

The rest of the royalty money will go to charity, because this stopped being about "getting my money back" a long time ago.
Sure, it's great to finally have it after so much heartache and I'm definitely going to use some of it to pay bills; but there's an aspect to all this that feels very slimy and hollow, I'll be able to put my finger on it later but for now I think I need to make some more lemonade, if you catch my drift.

After that I'll descend back into my little cave and draw; where it is only night and 80's metal rules the universe from beyond the grave.

I hope that I continue to earn your support, love and respect; my family and I have been completely overwhelmed by it the past several days - thank you.

Best wishes,

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My name is Brad Rigney, I am an illustrator, some of you may be familiar with my art and also with my tutorial entitled "A Hostile Takeover" that produced, distributed and later sold through and The Art Department (TAD).

First of all I want to thank those of you who have purchased my tutorial through legitimate means. Your support has been incredible, myself and my family can't thank you enough, the notes and letters I have received from many of you in regards to the tutorial have honestly been touching and inspirational - it's been an experience unlike anything I expected to find in this business.

It is that very experience which has prompted me to come forward and lay my cards on the table and finally expose what has been transpiring behind the facade that is being presented to you by these institutions, because you deserve to know the truth for your own financial and intellectual protection.

I've waited to come forward about it because I've wanted my motives to be free of the need for revenge or for retribution, because this is about arming you with information that you can use to protect yourselves.
But let's make no mistake, I'm still angry about it; anyone gets angry when they have money they've earned stolen from them and their family.
Trust me on this, there are few things more maddening than telling your kids that they'll have to go without the little things in between paychecks, while knowing that someone else ripped off your money.

The checks I did get were outrageously late and I had to fight tooth and nail to get them.
Imagine having to threaten your boss with a lawsuit just to get your paycheck.
Now imagine having to do that for every paycheck while previous paychecks were still months and months late.
Then imagine that the checks stop coming entirely, yet your boss still prospers from your labor and then lectures you on civility and tone.

Before work got steady this was a painful reality for me and I'll be perfectly honest with you, it ate me alive.
However, once you move past all that and find out you aren't the only one it's happened to and that it could happen to someone else, your motivation changes to something else entirely.

I realize that by doing this I'm kissing any hope of getting the money that's been stolen from me returned.
If that is what has to happen to ensure that someone else doesn't get victimized by these individuals and institutions, then I'll gladly eat it.

This consumer warning is offered out of my sincere concern for those of you who may be considering entering into a contractual agreement, investing your capitol or livelihood or even attending classes or events involving/hosted by either Conceptart.Org or TAD.

You do so at your own financial peril for they have stolen the royalties that they agreed to pay me via contractual agreement, for going on two years now.

I have the documentation and witnesses to prove it.

Strangely and sadly, my attempts to inform Jason Manley directly that TAD's financial department was refusing to pay me or even return my emails were met with contempt and condescending lectures.
At the time I couldn't understand it; I thought that he would have been keenly interested to know that something so damaging was happening in his own company; a company that prides itself on enlightening and educating artists.
After all, the financial department at TAD, his personal legal council, co-founder of TAD and other faculty had all been copied into the conversation by Mr Manley himself, it was truly baffling.

Oddly enough, after marshaling all of these people to his side, not one of them protested or offered to rectify the situation.

Not one.

To add insult to injury, mention of legal intervention on behalf of myself to get my money was mocked and ridiculed by Mr. Manley, after he proclaimed that I would not be taking legal action on my own behalf because "the amount" wasn't enough to merit any legal action and that the subject was now closed for discussion.

Oh, really?
So there's an "amount" of my money that is willfully not being sent to me and won't be discussed any further?  How convenient!  
Of course having every single email detailing exactly who at these institutions knew what and when - saved and backed up offline - is extremely handy when it comes to recalling stuff like this; I highly recommend it.

So lets recap the logic here:
This "amount" of my money isn't enough to merit legal action, but also isn't enough to simply be paid out and instead gets to be spent by someone else.

Got it.

I really need to tell the companies that I currently contract with that they have the additional option of deciding how much of my money I am actually worthy of receiving, after they have already agreed to pay it!
They'll be very interested to know they have this option, don't you think?

I know for a fact that I am not the only tutorial artist who has been disrespected and ripped off in this manner by Conceptart.Org and The Art Department.
Many of these tutorials have been scrubbed off the Internet or re branded under the name Massive DvD, but are no longer available for purchase.
I know who many of you are, I will not identify you.
Know, however, that you can use this post as an open invitation to come forward, you have nothing to be afraid of; you can speak out in safety.

Truth is not defamation.

Feel free to contact me privately too, if you want.
For what it's worth: I won't be holding it against any of you if you decide to just stay out of it entirely; believe me, I understand.  
This post was not written as a call to arms, it was written to warn anyone who loves this business or is about to fall in love with it; to inform you as consumers that Conceptart.Org does not honor their contracts and that The Art Department(TAD) is stealing royalties, both of which I can prove and neither of which was refuted when I openly accused them.

Again, all documented.

Doubtless I'll be making myself a target and there will be sycophants who will come to the defense of these individuals and those behind the scenes at the institutions themselves.  They will possibly attempt to use this an opportunity to discredit me, or use phony legal jargon to silence those who speak up and to gin up interest to promote themselves; we've all seen this before and I've personally been told it's an intentional tactic by the very people who've done it before; so know what it is when you see it.

Personally I don't have the luxury of free-time to deal with keyboard commando's, I'm too busy drawing; I barely had the time to cobble this together as it was, so consider the above paragraph as my canned response to you if you came here to troll.

Be careful out there y'all, this is a great business but don't believe for a minute that there aren't bitter, cynical pretenders out there looking to exploit eager souls who are dying to prove themselves; because it happened to me.
Hopefully my experience will be of some use to you, because that's pretty much the only good that can come out of this now; I call it making lemonade when life hands you lemons.

Find people you can trust in this business, because there are some wonderful people in it.
If you're starting out do some of these free sketch groups like crimson daggers and find people who will give you those painfully honest critiques; people who share the same passion as yourself to be the best they can be and to reach for the excellence that our heroes grasped.
You don't need institutions or degrees, just the willingness to suffer for your craft and rugged individualism.

I wish you all the very best in your art careers, be safe and take care.


PS: New art on the way soon
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Ok, so as many of you can probably already tell im not very, uhhh...bloggy.

In fact I feel really stupid when I do it...yet love to read blog posts by artists and personalities I like.

Im deep (lol) and complex like that.

The truth is I would much prefer to interract with you guys via comments or notes and thats something Ive pretty much sucked at for ohhh...I dunno...8 months?

There's a very good reason for it; not one that I can talk about right now because i'd be breaking an NDA but I can say that it was for a MASSIVE project that ate all of my time and had me locked down at my computer even moreso than usual.

Now that its over and im back on my just slightly insane schedule I can finally get back to replying like I used to and believe it or not im looking forward to trying to conquer the several thousand commments ive gotten from you wonderfully demented people.

I don't want to get too flowery or overly-flourishing with showing my appreciation but you should know that I read every comment, every note and they honestly mean a lot to me.  I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have all the attention and love you guys and gals show in the some of the most funniest, ridiculous and touching ways.  It's really the first form of payment we get as artists - a smile for a pretty picture.

For some of us, it's really that simple of an exchange...and one that never seems to lose its luster.

There is a darkside to being an artist however; one that is so soul-searing; so spiritually crushing; so God-damned asstacular - that no one man or woman could possibly coin it accurately in a phrase.

My friends, think of this not as a link, but a gateway to another realm; one that all aspiring artists and seasoned pro's can revel in; one where they can behold thier filth-caked existence for what it truely is.

My friends...

I give you ...the Fuckyeah Art Student Owl:

Be afraid.

Ok, im outta here.
I've just gotten a little busy again so getting to the comments will be spotty but I can't wait - ive missed you weirdos.

Oh, before I go just a quick word about Groups. Ive gotten a lot of invitations to join some of the really cool groups that many of you have formed up, I honestly wish I could be apart of them but I simply can't; being a full-time daddy and full-time illustrator leaves me no time for anything else

Which reminds me: we're having another baby; a boy. His name is Max and he's due to arrive in early august.
I can't wait to meet him!

Ill talk to you guys and gals really soon,  be safe and God bless you all.


Essential links


Podcast Interviews:


Dave Rapoza's Crimson Daggers -…
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Somebody shut this clown up already!

For those of you who still aren't tired of listening to me flap my big ol' stupid lips: my roundtable discussion with the boys from hotlanta is currently available for your listening pleasure over on sidebar nation.

You can go check it out here:

I had a total riot with those guys; we shot the shit and were goofin for almost 5 hours that night  (hats off to swain  for taking the time to distill all the goodness down into about an hour and change!), they treated me like family and since then i've had the privilege of getting to know them even more after we did the show.

These fellas are solid gold and thier podcast shows always feel so good and intimite, so you GOT to check out some of the other podcasts while you're there, I promise you you'll enjoy the hell out of them.
I may be biased but after being a fan of the show for a few years now I can honestly say that I think that it's a very important contribution to the world of entertainment art;  it's mom and pop, its street and its personal: these guys have unbridled passion for comics, movies and pop culture and those who make it.
When I think of "getting paid" for what I do, I think of stuff like doing this show.   Getting money is nice and everything but without the folks who show thier love for what people like me do it really just doesnt mean a damned thing.
I admit it: I love to be praised for what I do, I've gotten hooked on the appreciation and the love that so many of you have shown me for just producing art that you like.  
You guys and gals got to know that the inspiration and love is a 2 way street; everytime I sit down to draw I think "how can I knock thier socks off?!"
I love you guys and can never thank you enough for the attention and interest you've shown in my art and to a lesser extent - me.
Every comment means something to me, big or small, long or short; it's your time you're giving me - and that IS the most precious gift one could get.

Ok, enough slobbering already!

A quick correction: In the interview I mention an artist by the name of "Michael KorMACK" who ive recently fallen in love with.
Well, being a man generously endowed with a 9th grade edumacation and possessing a stunning portfolio of academic failures - I read it

The guys name is Michael Komarck and you can see his gorgeous art for yourself here:

Sorry Michael..heh.

Ok im out, Ill be getting to replies within the next few weeks, I promise - ive got my hands full with these Magic The Gathering cards and have been incredibly short on time, so im sorry about being late.

Thanks again for coming by and for leaving all the wonderful compliments!

God bless and be safe,

PS: Make sure to listen to the easter egg at the very end after the closing music and to click on the "real" picture of me at the bottom of the write-up that I have included for ONLY the most hawdcore fans!
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Now THIS is something I would have killed for when I was just starting out as an illustrator; getting to hone my chops with direct, hands-on instruction from talent like this.
Hell, i'd be attending there right now if I could - Ive always been much, much more a perpetual student than anything else.

The Massive Black crew has been a profound source of inspiration for me over the years and still never fails to keep me humble, hungry and ready to improve today.
Trust me - whoever goes through this program will be coming out a monster to be feared!

This looks like the real deal, ladies and gents: Instruction from professionals who are actively working in the business; minus the theory-craft and the hype you might get from some other institutions.

Dont take my word for it though, check it out for yourself, here's the link from CGHUB for more info:…

Some quick facts
Instructors include:
Carl Dobsky
Jeremy Mann
“Coro” Kaufman
Wes Burt
Mike Bierek
Kemp Remillard

Classes are held from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.

Tuition is $600 per month.

Enrollment is ongoing.

Located in San Francisco, CA.

As for me: Im pretty much freelance illustrating exclusively for Wizards of the Coast for thier Magic: The Gathering card game and I honestly couldn't be happier - or busier =D
Ill be back with more info on that as time goes on and as Im given permission to show the images im creating for the cards.
Also for those of you who are interested: My interview with SiDEBAR Nation is being cleaned up and edited and will be available soon.

In the meantime, someone had better shut me up soon because Ive got even more internet-radio and magazine interviews on deck after that!
In fact, here's an interview I did for 2D Artist Magazine about a year and a half ago that has just now become free, enjoy:…

Again, I can't thank you all enough for coming by takng the time to leave me comments, critiques and select some of my pieces for your personal favorites; your interest in my art means a lot to me and im extremely grateful for your attention and appreciation - its a pure privilege.

Quick PS: Im getting a lot of notes asking about process and I promise ill be delivering some freebies on that shortly, but until then you can see it all for yourself right now by downloading my 4.5 hour tutorial that is available over at Massive Black downloads, here:…

Very best wishes to you all and God bless,
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Gotta make this journal entry short and sweet, ladies and gents.
Well...short, sweet and sour is probably a lot more like it.

As several of you might already know I've had to withdraw from my teaching opportunity @ TAD.
Ive made a formal announcement over on in the TAD forums concerning the issue, here:…

If the link goes down I'll provide an update.

Now that the sour stuff is over for the time being, on to the sweet stuff.

This Friday, July 2nd @ 6pm CST ill have the distinct honor of being able to hang with Dwight and the rest of the crew over on Sidebar Nation to shoot the shinola!
I can't wait! I really can't believe that ill be on that show, man - I feel like im in some alternate dimension where Im someone else! Its just too cool!
If you havent been exposed to it yet then you gotta head on over and listen to thier out of sight podcasts and interviews - just great stuff!
Check it out here:

If anything changes between now and friday ill let you guys know.

Things have been chaotic this summer and im gettin buried alive under a bunch of contract stuff, so its hard for me to get to comments like I used to.
But it's all fun contract stuff that I cant wait to share with you guys, so it's kinda like being buried alive under a horde of naked bikini model chicks, many of whom Im not allowed to talk about yet...but ill soon have pictures.
So I may not answer you right away, but I *will* answer you at some point.

I love you guys and gals and deeply appreciate the support that you've been kind enough to show in your various notes and comments, know that your interest in me and my art means more to me than you could imagine.
God bless you all and best wishes,
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To give you a good idea of what its like to be in an interview with a clown like me you can head on over to Dave Rapoza's Crimson Daggers blog and listen to over 2 full hours of me flapping my big, stupid NY mouth with Dave Rapoza on his super-awesome show.
If you haven't seen Dave Rapoza's art you really should, I love it and love him and have the good fortune of being able to call him a good friend.
See Dave Rapoza's art here: :icondavidrapozaart: and check out my interview with him here:…

I'll also be heading on over to shoot the shinola with the great dudes over on Sidebar Nation within the next few weeks, stay tuned for more info on that as well when it becomes available. In the meantime check out the *awesome* podcasts and interviews those guys pump out over at Sidebar Nation, here:

Aaaaannnd if you weren't already sick of reading this wall of text and me talking about myself (im already sick of it) ill be rolling out my own blogsite, which will have all kinds of access to never before seen sketches, WIP's and process shots in addition to unposted commercial work and ads for stuff I love to read, music I love to listen to, games I love to play and artists I love to look at and more!

Call it a carnival of cryptastic cryptopia, if you will!
Or not!
Why am I using so many exclamation marks?!
Why am I yelling so much?!

Find out when I post the blogsite for your consumption in the next few weeks.
Trust me it'll be something to lol at in the beginning but ill be adding more to it as time goes on, right now im making some art for it inbetween my current gigs with Wizards of the Coast and Bungie.

So far the summer is shaping up to be awesome!

As always thank you deeply for your comments, time and notes; I can't tell you how much it means to me to have your interest and appreciation, not only here but by purchasing my downloadable tutorial over at where you've all made me the #1 seller so far this year.

You can find out more about Massive Black tutorials as well as purchase my downloadable tutorial for my image "A Hostile Takeover", here:…

Myself and my family give you our most sincere gratitude for your love and support.

God bless you all and stay safe.
Best wishes,
Brad Rigney

Oh yeah, almost forgot, have some Motorhead...on the house of course:…
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She's finally on the shelves!…

You can also view the trailer here:…

It's hard for me to translate to all of you how excited, honored and grateful I am to be able to present this to you, its something I thought that would never, ever happen; a pipe-dream at best.
It's also hard for me thank you enough for the interest, support and enthusiasm you have all shown for me and my art and I earnestly hope this tutorial delivers something that you'll be able to walk away with and use for your benefit as an artist, whatever your chosen medium may be.

I'd like to especially thank Justin Kaufman( El Coro) over at Massive Black/Conceptart.Org for making it all possible.
I shudder to think where id be right now had I not been exposed to Conceptart.Org about 8 years ago, they have profoundly and deeply influenced my life and art, I owe them a lot.
If your serious about advancing as an artist, please head on over there and check it out, they are launching more and more educational products and scholastic opportunities as time passes and its only going to get better.
And no, I'm not getting paid to say that - its just the straight up truth.

Its a great time to be an artist.

Speaking of Massive Black and Conceptart.Org; I've been lucky enough to have been invited by them to appear and perform at their "Visions" and "Screenburn" events in Austin, Texas during the South by Southwest media event, where I'll be illustrating live onto a big ol projector. So if your headed to SXSW I'd absolutely love to be able to meet some of you, don't hesitate to come on up and say hello!
Just look for the goon with the big, goofy jay leno chin and black hair.

You can find out more about "Visions" here:… and the "Screenburn" event here…

"Visions" event poster:

I think my head will explode if this year turns out to be anything like the past year, things are moving fast and getting more and more exciting; I cant wait to share some of the goodies with you that will be coming out this year.
My own website and some online interviews are just some of the things I've got cooking that I'm really fired up about, in addition to cover work I've completed for companies like Bungie and Fantasy Flight Games hitting the shelves!

If you have any questions that you feel like were unanswered during the tutorial and you aren't an active member on Conceptart.Org, feel free to ask them here, I want to make sure you feel as though you got your moneys worth.
If you are a member of Conceptart.Org, feel free to ask them there as well, or send me a personal note; I may not answer right away - being a full-time daddy and full-time illustrator keeps most of my time floored - but I will answer, I promise.

Very best wishes to you all and thank you again for your support and enthusiasm, you have no idea how much of a difference it makes.

God bless and take care,
Brad Rigney
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The trailer is up and the tutorial is going to be hitting the shelves really soon!
Stay tuned for updates!…
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Whats happenin' all? I hope you guys and gals are doing great!

Its been an insanely busy summer for me, which is why ive been such a lazy punk with the updates.
Ive thankfully spent the majority of it chained to my Wacom tablet in my work dungeon, pounding out art that ill hopefully be able to share with you all soon; once the NDA is lifted and its all been released for retail.

Speaking of retail, Digital Art Masters Vol 4 is finally available for purchase. Its a really beautiful looking book and I honestly couldnt be more honored to be apart of it.
I was also additionally fortunate to have my work print exactly as it should look; producing mainly dark valued artwork can be really tricky to print and I was expecting to be bummed, so im pretty thrilled it came out so well.

In the book I go into deep detail on the process used to produce "Containment Breach Sub-Level 5", which can be viewed in the gallery. Im lucky enough to have people ask about my WIP's and process steps a lot, this will hopefully satisfy those of you who ive kept on the ropes with promises of a step by step.

Here is the link to find out more about Digital Art Masters Vol 4 :

A video tutorial will also be in the works in the near future, as well as one ill post here. The one Ill post here will be free.

By far the best thing this summer was having my daughter Ginger's 1 year birthday party.
1 year old...hell, thats not a bad age to be.
It was pure ridiculousness since she is so extroverted and im such a cartoon.
I still can't believe a year has already gone by, its honestly frightening how time slips through your hands. I guess thats why I value yours so much when you come by and leave the kind of wonderful comments and compliments that you all spoil me with.
Time really is the ultimate gift.

So what about you all?
Decent summer or what? Did you all have a blast at SDCC? I hear it was nutty. Maybe one of these years ill be able to go and be lucky enough to meet some of you!

I wish you all the best, take care of yourselves and God bless.

Until next time!
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I hope those of you who decide to go ahead and read the interview will enjoy it!…

There are definately parts to it that got pretty personal, but I wouldnt have it any other way. I think if Ive learned anything so far is that you can transform your own misfortune and bad experiences into something that can benefit others, even if its small; you just never know who is reading, you might just reach someone at the right time.

But you gotta take the chance and make yourself vulnerable in order for that to happen.

There are also a few concept sketches that made it into the interview which they coerced out of me, hehe!
I may post them here, although the jury is still out as to whether im ever going to post WIP's and such. Personally I dont like to see anyone's WIP's, I think it ruins the magic of the final and stops me from fighting to figure it out for myself, which I think *is* the reward.

That will probably be an unpopular view since most folks are tutorial/WIP happy. But its just how I see it.
I dunno, I guess im just an old school curmudgeon like that!

Im *really* looking forward to posting some new personal and freelance work after the NDA's have been lifted. Its awesome to get magazine spotlights but im worried people are going to get tired of seeing the same ol things that are already in my gallery! I know I get that way with my favorite artists, I get all "yeah great, but WHERES THE NEW STUFF!!??"

I may take a little 2-3 week break from freelance jobs to work on some personal stuff I have cooking just for my own sanity's sake. Dont get me wrong, I am *loving* all the freelance work, but ive never done this just to collect a check, like a lot of you guys I do it because I have to.
Something is moving down there in the deep and I have to see it, which I always love because I never know what ill find.

I appreciate you guys so much! Thanks for all the kind comments, watches, favorites and intriguing conversation, its never a dull moment!

More art, less talk is on the way!

All the very best to you all

P.S. The Imagine FX Spotlight should be on the stands within a few weeks, I swear this is the right one. Let me know if you see it!
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Ok, heres the scoop as it was explained to me.

Apparently Imagine FX comes out a month ahead in the UK/Europe.
So when I was told March 10th, he meant March 10th *in the UK*.

So im very sorry that I've mis-announced this like 10 times already to you guys.
Im just going to go ahead and play it safe and say be on the lookout for Imagine FX issue #42, the Watchmen Special. Some places in the US might very well be carrying it right now.

Either way its still exciting as hell for me since they used my art for the webpage ad and Im Artist of the Month in the Expose Spotlight. At least thats what someone told me the little golden badge meant.

I cant wait to get my mits on it! My first magazine appearence!
I never thought id get into a magazine!

Other than that its been just silly busy around here. Im getting a lot of paying gigs, which is great! Im really *really* looking forward to getting more private work up but just dont know when that will be. I hope to be able to at least post some of the contract work ive done over the past few months since some of it is hitting the shelves.

Funny thing about contract work.
Its great to get paid for something you love and whatnot, but the real payment for me is the inspiration I get from you guys who take the time to tell me what you liked about something in my gallery, and if im lucky I get to find out that ive inspired some of you.

Now it may sound corny when I say that I really am so grateful for each of you who take interest in what I do, but its the damned truth. Sure I get jazzed about finishing a paying gig, but my heart starts to race when I post something that im happy with in anticipation to see if you guys will like it.

Thank you all for your support, it means so much to me, and to my wife.

Ill pose this question to you guys and then i'll shut up, I promise.

Lately my conversations with close friends have taken a turn to the supernatural for some reason. Maybe its in the air or something. Inevitably the subject of "evil" comes up. Now im the first to admit that I simply love evil imagery in art, movies, games and books; really in all forms of entertainment.

But what im talking about is a "real" evil, a spiritual darkness.
Do you believe that evil exists or is it just something we have invented to rationalize the insanity of the cruelty and atrocities that we visit upon eachother and ourselves?

Id like to know what you think.

Keep in mind this isnt a debate, you arent going to be judged, I just want to know what you honestly think and why.

I have my own ideas, but I want to know yours.
(thanks so much to everyone who has already taken the time to comment!)
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Ok, its going to be in the March Issue, which will be on sale the 10th!
Sorry if there was any confusion as to it possibly coming out this month, but I just got the official word myself the other day.

Sometime in april the 2D artist Magazine interview will be "on the shelves" as well. At least "on the shelves" virtually since its an online magazine.

Its all really exciting!
Ill update as I learn more.

This is going to be a super-shorty journal.
Im on a tight deadline and battling a really sweet respitory infection.

WIP's/Concept Sketches to come very soon as promised.

I love you guys, the notes and thoughtful comments really mean so very much to me, I promise I will get back to you it just might not be immediately.

Take care of yourselves and god bless you all.
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Ever get that creeped out feeling when things are going too well? neither, because things never usually do!

Which makes this next bit of news even creepier because thats exactly how I feel!

For those of you who dont already know, Jon Schindehette is a senior art director over at Wizards of the Coast who has his own blog called ArtOrder.
This morning he popped me a really kind note saying he featured me as his latest addition to his "Artdrop" box on his blog!

You can check it out here:…
Click on the images and then hit f11, its a good way to see my work without all the window dressing.

This is just too cool! What an honor!

This is triple-exciting combined with a upcoming spotlight in next months Imagine FX magazine, an appearence in "Digital Art Masters vol 4" later in the year ( which most of you already know about) and a future interview for 2D artist magazine that should surface around april, sometime.

But like I said it's almost frightening how great things have been going this year so far.

Maybe that blood pact with those ancient, forbidden elder gods from beyond hell is finally paying off!

:skull: :evillaugh: :skull:

Speaking of magic, its on to my featured artist of the month bit.
These 3 are the real deals my friends: conjurer's, sorcerers and necromancers in thier own right.

By far my 3 favorite sculptor's to date.

:iconevancampbell: :icondreamfloatingby: :iconmonsterpappa:

Click them, praise them, love them.

Ive gone ahead and removed my older works from my side galleries, so they are more than likely out of your favorites. If you missed my past journal and didnt have a chance to save them please drop me a note and ill be glad to send the one you had to an email address of your choosing, there is no fee for this.
Make sure to tell me the name of the work thats missing from your faves.

The support, interest and inspiration you guys give me is appreciated more than you know. The praise, comments and critiques keep me driven to delve the dark depths on my quest to be a better artist, thank you so much!

Until next time - god bless and take care.

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Ok, this is great news!
Im going to be in my first ever magazine appearence in next month's Imagine FX magazine!
This combined with appearing in "Digital Art Masters Vol 4" later in the year and also an upcoming interview with 2D Artist Magazine is really going to get me some great exposure! I cant believe it, a dorky fan like me getting into magazines!
And trust me, I am a dork as youll see by the real-life photo I provided as per thier request for the spotlight.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be as productive!

The inspiration I get from those of you who come by and leave such encouraging and thoughtful input really means a lot to me. This art deal is a 2 way street, I hopefully inspire you and you guys move me with praise and suggestions that gets me reaching for greater heights and higher standards.  
But this also unfortunately means that some of the material in my sidebar folders can escape my wrath no longer, so by all means if you havent already done so: save them to your computers if you like.
You more than likely wont be seeing a lot them again anytime soon until the pieces im dissatisfied with are reworked.

Everything in the featured section and in the "Details and Highlights" section are all safe and wont be removed, but everything else is more than likely on borrowed time, less than a week to be specific.
The reason for this is I want those of you who appreciate my work to get my absolute best, and while the older stuff is ok its not up to my current standards.
In its place ill eventually be putting in little sketches that are more current and also might be useful to some of you who have been curious about my WIP's.

Basically ill be taking out the fluff and putting in more substance.

Now then, unto my featured artists bit.

Im a crappy, crappy sculpter and fantasize that somehow, someday ill be good at it. Needless to say that scuplture has a profound influence on me and always has, I get mesmerized by it.
My first love was monster movie creature effects and I was convinced that I was destined for it...
until I tried making a clay bowl.

Ill spare you the details.

Lets just say I slept like a baby afterwards.
I would wake up, cry, go back to sleep; wake up, cry, go back to sleep.

You get the idea.

Please, check out these galleries.
These are the real deals my friends; sorcerers, conjurers and illusionists, all in thier own right!

These three talented souls are my favorites so far and have breath-taking, whimsical, frightening, wonderous and enchanting work.

Click them, love them, praise them.

:iconevancampbell: :icondreamfloatingby: :iconmonsterpappa:

Until next time - god bless and take care.

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Merry Cryptmas!

Tue Jan 6, 2009, 5:00 PM
3 months without an update?

Wadda loser!

But a very busy loser, I swear!
Things have really been insane, but also amazing.
We had our first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with our 6 month old daughter, Ginger, on top of me getting ambushed with several paying gigs, on top of the usual daddy day-care schedule. I feel like Ive just been in the olympics, but its great. Im one of those sickies who loves challenge and pressure ( read that as obsessed madness)and I certainly got both for the past several months.

Anyway, enough with the excuses and on with the art!

I am fortunate and priveleged enough to have people who are interested in my art ask me questions about it and the process behind it. Im happy to say that theres finally going to be a detailed WIP for me to offer those of you who are interested. This year there is going to be a big coffee-table art book published called "Digital Art Masters vol 4" that will have some of my work and an article detailing my steps.  Im really, really excited about it and honestly still cant believe that Im going to be in it. I wish I could say more but im not sure what I can and cannot say in reguards to it since it hasnt been made available for publication yet. When I know more Ill certainly be posting about it.

Now then, unto my featured artists bit.

Im a crappy, crappy sculpter and fantasize that somehow, someday ill be good at it. Needless to say that scuplture has a profound influence on me and always has, I get mesmerized by it.
My first love was monster movie creature effects and I was convinced that I was destined for it...
until I tried making a clay bowl.

Ill spare you the details.

Lets just say I slept like a baby afterwards.
I would wake up, cry, go back to sleep; wake up, cry, go back to sleep.

You get the idea.

Please, check out these galleries.
These are the real deals my friends; sorcerers, conjurers and illusionists, all in thier own right!

These three talented souls are my favorites so far and have breath-taking, whimsical, frightening, wonderous and enchanting work.

Click them, love them, praise them.

:iconevancampbell: :icondreamfloatingby: :iconmonsterpappa:

My deepest thanks and gratitude to those of you who come by and leave comments and select favorites and watches, your support means more than you know.

Until next time - god bless and take care.

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